Recording Secretary

Janet Sowers

I am an accomplished, analytical, and motivated program manager with over 15 years of experience promoting sustainable organizational growth through strategic planning, tenacious leadership, and organized program execution. As a collaborative leader, I constantly seek to build high-performing teams and motivate individuals to accomplish rigorous goals. Throughout my career, I have excelled in a professional capacity by innovating program transformations, coaching cross-functional teams, developing and controlling budgets, mitigating risk, and optimizing internal processes. I honed a vast skill set with expertise in logic and verbal reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, organization, project management, budgeting, and time management. I have spent a significant amount of time volunteering with non-profit organizations including Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, SAIL, and the Sister Cities of Sarasota. With each organization, I held leadership positions where I supported significant growth through project management, senior-level planning, logistics and budget management, and personal development.